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Money Saving Apps: They Work Hard So You Don't Have To

May 16, 2019

Oh, money.


It quite literally makes the world go round. Such a wonderful thing to spend (hello new purse, shoes, clothes, etc), but can be difficult to save for some people.

If it's easy for you to save money, good for you. Just skim through the rest of this. If it is hard for you to save, invest in these apps. They are (dare I say) LIFE CHANGING.

I am the latter. I find it hard to save money, I'll transfer it into my savings account on pay day, and it ends right back up in my checking account a week later. Well that is no longer thanks to these guys. 




  1. Qapital

This app is a multi-faceted system that allows you to create rules for each “savings” account in the app, and also allows you to dip your toe into investments. 

Here’s the low down on the rules you can apply to your different savings account:

Moves: Reward yourself each time you “move” (ride a bike, take a workout class, take a hike, etc.) Reward yourself with $1 or $2 each time, and you’ll feel twice as good after your workout. #endorphinsmakeyouhappy


The Guilty Pleasure Rule: What’s your daily habit? Is it Starbucks, or a protein shake from the place down the road? Instead of skipping it (because c’mon), just add this rule and save money every time you purchase it. You start the day on a double high caffeinated note for this one. 


The Round-Up Rule: Their most popular rule! This is the digital era’s piggy bank. Do you remember all the spare change you used to have as a kid? This is that, but digital. Round up your purchases to the nearest dollar or two dollars, and save the change. 


The Spend Less Rule: Budget your weekly spending, and if you’re always spending the same amount for gas or groceries, then implement this rule. Challenge yourself to spend less at the grocery store, and pocket the money you would have spent!


Set and Forget: Set the app to automatically take out X amount of dollars every week. 


The 52 Week Rule: Did you know you could save $1,378 a year by saving $1 on week one, $2 on week two, $3 on week three, etc? I bet you won’t even miss the money.


Freelancer Rule: It pays to work for yourself, until taxes roll around. This rule saves a % of each paycheck into an account that you’ll take out when it’s time to pay taxes. LIFE SAVING.


Click here for a free $10 when you sign up now! 


Invite Code: jx9pk7ur

Happy saving!


2. Albert

This app is an automatic savings program that saves money from your linked checking account, and transfers into a Savings account that lives inside the app. This one tracks your spending, and only saves what it feels like you can afford to save. On average, users save around $25-$100 per week depending on income. It usually comes out in a few transactions throughout the week. It won't take out anything you won't miss!


3. Acorns

Acorns is an app with a few options. Either Save for Later (retirement fund), or Invest Your Spare Change (s)et aside the leftover change from everyday purchases by turning on automatic Round-Ups). This app has a lot of financial information and articles to read to boost your financial mind power! You can also set aside a certain amount of money to be saved at a specific interval that works for you. You can also earn “Found Money” by buying certain brands and items through the app, and the company will invest a certain % in to your account. 

Get a free $5 by signing up here!



4. Twine


Last but not least, Twine! I love Twine because you can save with another person! This is great for couples to save together towards a common goal. For example, my boyfriend and I have a Twine account to help save for travel. The app takes a certain dollar amount from both of us every week. It’s visually appealing because you enter your goal target amount and how much you plan to save every month, and it tells you when you’ll accomplish the goal. It adds up so quickly when you’re saving with another person. I also love this because my boyfriend and I have separate finances, but this holds both of us accountable for saving towards our common goal without having that weird money talk. It also creates an investment account for you with these savings!





I am not a financial expert by any means at all. Please do your research before signing up for anything. 


We’ll label this as a Wellness post. After all, financial independence does free the mind of worry.


This is a little off brand, but something I am passionate about and want to share with you all. 

Here is a collection of my favorite money saving apps. These are all apps that I use currently, and have used for over a year. I am the kind of person that has to trick myself into saving money, and every single one of these apps have given me peace of mind knowing that I am saving money without the act of transferring money from checking into savings. Some cost money, some do not. However, I find the few dollars a month for each app extremely worth it!






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